Rosamund Dallow was born in Napier, New Zealand. Her career has spanned many fields, including ballet (as dancer, teacher, lecturer, broadcaster and writer), flamenco and acting (in theatre, radio and TV). She has taught English in the newly independent East Timor, worked as a security guard and sung in the choir at the Sydney Olympics.

She has travelled widely, loves history and speaking other languages, snorkelling, and researching her family tree – which can be traced to the Norman conquest of England. Rosamund wrote Broken Rhythms as a tribute to the land, and the times, which have shaped her life. She is a passionate advocate for the environment, and is currently working on a sequel to Broken Rhythms.


As a writer, I work to portray the resilience of human beings, sometimes in the face of appalling tragedy- such as the central event in Broken Rhythms.

Just being human in these times of huge changes, takes all our energy, day by day.

We struggle to deal with outside forces- to stay ahead of the urge to give up, give in, and compromise- but life is relentless. We choose to persist,like the characters in Broken Rhythms-to have the courage to make painful choices, even if, in so doing, we inadvertently hurt others.

It has always been like this, there are many examples of those who refuse to accept the unacceptable- the loss of one’s own integrity.

Without it, we are blown like withered leaves, by a mindless wind.


Over a long life, I’ve tried to move with confidence through doors which may open in my life, at times of difficulty-not just to trudge onwards, chafing like a donkey with its neck in a rough halter.

To have the courage, as a man of wisdom and compassion once said- to only change what we can, and to have the wisdom to accept what we can’t.

I’m working on it.

Rosamund Dallow